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BIOSANTECH, created in April 2011 by Roger and Corinne Treger is an innovative company based in Sophia Antipolis in Valbonne Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur.

BIOSANTECH aims to promote and develop an effective vaccine for all variants of the AIDS virus.

BIOSANTECH has an exclusive cooperation agreement with the CNRS and the University of Aix-Marseille and owns the exclusive license for the use and commercialization of patents CNRS concerning TAT oyi.

BIOSANTECH, has so far the most advanced in the world have been allowed to enter Phase II III necessary for its therapeutic vaccine marketing . The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine in patients infected with AIDS in progress.

SCIENCE PROJECT SECURITY The draft BIOSANTECH received support from the International Institute for the Development and Support Innovative Research (IIDSRSI) directed by Michael Paul Correa and his chaired by Professor Chermann which consists of 13 researchers and experts recognized scientific committee the International. Dr. JEAN DE MAREUIL, virologist and immunologist is the scientific advisor for the project and is responsible Biosantech analyze biological data from sera from vaccinated patients.

BIOSANTECH trade name

Activity Activities Professional, scientific and technical variety7490B category Services120 Headquarters Road Macaroons06560 Valbonne

Legal form to Board
Siret 53166271600012
RCS Grasse B 531 662 716
Capital EURO 37,800.00
registration 30-05-2011
nationality France

Nom commercial BIOSANTECH
Activité Activités spécialisées, scientifiques et techniques diverses
Catégorie Services
Siège social 120 Route des Macarons
google map
Forme juridique SA à conseil d’administration
SIRET 53166271600012
RCS Grasse B 531 662 716
Capital social 37.800,00 EURO
Immatriculation 30-05-2011
Nationalité France

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