Discover BIOSANTECH team members.

Corinne Treger, took over the presidency following the death of her husband, took a university course of medical studies and had the experience of service in the company INTERCHEMICAL SEO pharmaceutical raw material. It should be surrounded to prepare Phase III and IV clinical trials, Consultants whose experience is of international quality.

Dr. Jean Bula Mareuil, PHD, expert in virology and immunology, scientific advisor in charge of analyzing the serological results of evaluation criteria for clinical trials, Director of Research & Development BIOSANTECH. He will be responsible for quality of industrial production of the vaccine between subcontractors and BIOSANTECH

Dr. Jean-Marie MILLELIRI, MD and MPH, expert analysis, epidemiology and implementation of vaccination campaigns in the field, VHI Africa consultant.
Mr Michel Paul CORREA, in charge of communications and relationships with the laboratory following up the evaluation criteria of the vaccine and the South is SATT.

Mr. Francis PETAIN, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, asset manager for 35 years, attached Branch bank, Financial Director at American multinational management, project manager with BIOSANTECH for seeking financial partner, handles financial management BIOSANTECH.


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