The HIV virus worldwide

To date, about 40 million people are infected with HIV, with growth of 10% and 1 million deaths annually. In 2020 it was 57 million people who need antiretroviral therapy and already nearly 15 million have died in 20 years. This disease is now present in the world, but sub-Saharan Africa, which focuses almost 90% of AIDS cases. In 2003, AIDS mortality has surpassed malaria and tuberculosis. Observed since the 90s a steady increase to 10% of HIV carriers in the world, so that the number of infected people is doubling every ten years.

Despite the advances of more effective treatments with fewer side effects, it still counts 7,500 new daily infections and 8,000 deaths per day worldwide.

Alas forecasts of this scourge is far from optimistic, WHO estimates that by 2020 there will be 12 million new infections and 7.5 million deaths.

carte.vihA single treatment available : triple therapy

Today the only treatment of AIDS antiviral therapy, commonly called ART. Triple therapies are combinations of several antiviral that make more difficult the emergence of resistant HIV strains, blocking two of the HIV proteins transcriptase inv

strap and protease. These antiviral unfortunately not possible to cure AIDS and they only allow you to stabilize the patient. The virus remains in the so-called cell « reservoirs » and reappears when the patients discontinue treatment. Antiviral drugs have significant side effects and require regular taken that make these painful treatments. Moreover, antivirals are too expensive for developing countries where AIDS is rampant.

To halt the progression of the disease worldwide, only a vaccine is possible, because this therapeutic approach would be less costly and would not require daily treatment.