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Ethical organizationcommercial potential
Vaccination is the only possibl eapproach against AIDS worldwide.There area bout forty years, WHO has shown that withonly two or three injections of an effective vaccine coulderadicate aviral diseasesuch as smallpoxin tenyears. AT THIS STAGEOF CLINICAL TRIALS, TWO POSSIBILITIES AREPOSSIBLE:


- EITHER BY THE UNAIDS VACCINE RECOGNITION ASONE VACCINE THERAPEUTIC AGAINST AIDS thanks to 30% of vaccinated stabilizingtheir viralload.Which would quickly obtaina marketing authorizationin view ofthe requestof the patients,as wasthe case with AZT.- ORLESS THAN 30% OFSTABILITYviremiaBY GROUPCONCENTRATIONDOSEINJECTED. THE« TAT OYI » COULDTHENBEINITIALLYA NEW APPROACHWITHOUTSIDE EFFECTSagainst AIDS througha different targeting the virus.In this case,a multicenterphase III whose costis about several million euros will be launched.At present,the eventcanmake « Tat Oyi » antiretroviralno side effects andmaking a stronglevel of comfort with regard toexisting treatments will greatly reducerisk-takingby investors who will return in the
Afterauthorizationon the market bythe National Agency forDrugSafety, BIOSANTECHwill beginthe commercialization phaseat the earliest.At the same time, permits allowing the marketingof the vaccinethroughout the worldwill also berequiredfor Europe,Asia, theUnited States …PRIZE DISTRIBUTION LICENSE WILL BE FIXE DACCORDING TO THE PRICE OFEACH VACCIN DETERMINÉ COUNTRY IN WHICHIT WILL BE DISTRIBUTED.

Thus, the BIOSANTECH trade policy for its vaccine will bemade arounda vaccine price define daccording to the country’s GDP.Theso-called « rich » will paya higher price than theso-called « poor ».